AbTis Linker


AbTis Linker

AbTis next generation linker

Site-specific (Fc region) conjugation using traceless linker


AbTis ADC production by Traceless Linker

(Two simple steps)


  1. Antibody-FcBP w/ functional group reaction
    (FcBP release in this step)
  2. Drug w/functional group Addition (Addition of drug-linker)
AbTis Next Generation

AbTis ADC Linker Competitive Edge

Advantage over conventional ADC


Drug Conjugation to the unmodified mAb
  • Applicable to the therapeutic antibody with no modification :
    Cost-effective ADC production
Site-specific conjugation
  • Covalent bond with Fc-domain

  • High yield of conjugation and simple process of purification: CMC advantage

Diversity of conjugates
  • Drug-loading control (1~4)

  • Diverse drug conjugation / in-vivo diagnostics

Stable in serum, protease-specific drug release linker
  • Peptide linker with serum stability

  • Valine-Citrulline moiety