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Updates and news GenScript ProBio-AbTis, Sign a Strategic Cooperation MOU

12 Jan 2022
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On the January 12, 2022, GenScript ProBio(Brian Ho-sung Min, CEO), a global bio-CRO and CDMO, and AbTis(Jeong Sang-jeon, CEO), owner of the ADC(antibody-drug conjugates) platform technology, announced that they had entered into a strategic cooperation MOU concerning the development of a new anti-cancer ADC.

GenScript ProBio and AbTis have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the ADC field through this MOU.

In December 2021, AbTis licensed in antibodies from GenScript ProBio that bind specifically to Claudin 18.2, which are overexpressed in solid tumors of certain cancers, such as gastric and pancreatic. In this way, AbTis was able to build its own Claudin18.2 ADC pipeline, incorporating its own ADC linker technology. AbTis announced that it would pursue clinical development of Claudin 18.2 ADC with the goal of achieving First-in-Class as well as Best-in-Class.