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Press release

Lonza, AbTis Partner to Extend Bioconjugation Capabilities

5 Dec 2022
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Lonza and AbTis, a Korean biotechnology company dedicated to antibody drug conjugates (ADC), are collaborating to advance the precision of bioconjugation strategies for novel bioconjugates-based therapies.

The collaboration will connect Lonza’s Bioconjugates toolbox, an offering consisting of tailored solutions for the technology selection, development and manufacturing of bioconjugates, to AbTis’ AbClick platform. This novel bioconjugation platform relies on a novel site-specific conjugation which can be used to conjugate various payloads to native monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The AbClick utilizes a cyclic peptide that binds to a specific site of the mAb, leading to precise conjugation and improved stability of the resulting antibody-drug conjugates. The linker creates an isopeptide bond with a nearby lysine, providing improved stability and cleavage resistance.